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Sustainability, passion
and a nod to the whimsical.


Orthografica Inc. was born in 2003 in Montreal. We design wayfinding systems and branding for businesses and homes. Our creative office has taken on a broad range of projects with architects, designers, builders and administrators.

We create signage for the corporate, hospitality, health and educational worlds. We also welcome residential projects such as custom address plaques and numbers. 

We are passionate about finding the right high-quality materials to suit your needs – be it sand blasted slate, carved glass, wrought iron or solid brass… We value creative endeavours undertaken sustainably, with passion and a nod to the whimsical.




We are creators of signage and corporate images.

We create signage for the corporate, hospitality, health and educational worlds by collaborating with architects, designers and you to make sure your signage respects the aesthetic of your business. 

signage for all
your corporate AND COMMERCIAL needs.



A beautiful address makes a good first impression

You can now get your own house numbers by visiting one of our exclusive distributors in Montreal and New York City, or by clicking here. We are dedicated to making it easy for individuals to have access to customized numbers. 


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